Carlos Malave, MPA

Areas Served:
Service area includes all boroughs of New York City and Yonkers (some additional areas of Westchester County) *We now serve Suffolk County on a limited basis Private visitations are certainly welcomed. Electronic Alcohol Breathalyzer testing and on-site 5 panel instant drug testing available. (Not court reportable) Home Evaluations for adoption/foster care evaluations are also available. We now offer Therapeutic Supervision and Mediation.

Program Info:
Supervision Services(SS)is a private provider group that has over 19+ years of Child Welfare experience. Areas of experience include Child Protective experience, Preventive Services experience and Supervised Visitation experience. All monitors have a Bachelor or a Masters level of education and direct or related experience in children and family services. As the Executive Director my experience is vast. I was employed as Child Protective Specialist and conducted Child Abuse investigations. I also performed additional duties which included but were not limited to, mediation, visitation supervision and court reporting/testifying. As a Preventive Services Case Planner I performed duties which included, but were not limited to family, individual and group counseling. I made referrals and provided additional services which were aimed at preventing a child's entrance and/or re-entrance into the foster system. In the area of Supervised Visitation I was employed as a Program Coordinator for a Supervised Visitation Center which serviced non-custodial parents who had children in foster care. Supervision Levels Available: A). Intensive Supervision (1 on 1) - This level of supervision will consist of the non-custodial parent, the subject child(ren) and the Visitation Supervisor. The Visitation Supervisor will be in the immediate vicinity of child and will hear and see all interactions between the child(ren) and adult(s). The Visitation Supervisor will not leave the child(ren) alone with the adult(s) for any period of time. B). Minimal Supervision - This level of supervision allows for the Visitation Supervisor to in close proximity of the child(ren) and adult(s) and will not be able to observe all interactions. This level of supervision can be observed from a reasonable distance to ensure the safety of the child. C). Transfer/Escort Supervision - In this level of supervision the Visitation Supervisor will serve as the transfer supervisor to ensure that the child(ren) are transferred between the involved parties without incident or detriment to child(ren). Services Available: A). Coaching Visitations (Incorporates Parenting Skills) B). Therapeutic Visitations (Facilitated by Master of Social Work) C). Court Reporting is available. D). Parent Coaching/Education E). Case Management F). Home Evaluations

New York, NY

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