Triangle Family Services: Time Together Supervised Visitation and Exchange Center

Areas Served:
Based in Raleigh - operating Statewide, including Wake County, Durham, Chapel Hill, Triangle-area, Orange County, Alamance County, Johnston County, Chatham County, Harnett County.

Program Info:
The Time Together Supervised Visitation and Exchange program provides a safe and positive environment for children to spend time with their parents or other family members when the court has determined that supervision is required. Supervised Visitation may be required for many reasons; including problems with divorce, domestic violence, abuse or neglect, or simply an unusually long period of time in which the child has not seen the parent and needs to become reacquainted. By providing a healthy and protected environment for children to meet with non-custodial parents, our program is able to ensure safety for the child and affected family members. Time Together Supervised Visitation and Exchange is the only place in Wake County where court-mandated visits can occur for children in a supervised environment. Exchange services enable parents and/or other relatives to safely drop off and pick up children for visitation, with the goal of making the transition from one party to the other as easy as possible. Our trained staff members facilitate the exchange in such a way that there is no physical or visual contact between parties at any time. This keeps children safe and away from conflict.

Raleigh, NC

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