Children's Homes of Cleveland County, Inc

Areas Served:
Cleveland County, North Carolina

Program Info:
Children's Homes of Cleveland County has operated a Supervised Visitation Program, under contract with the Department of Social Services since 2000. We serve any child and family within the Cleveland County Department of Social Services foster care program. Our transportation worker picks up the child from their foster home, day care, school or other placement and returns the child to that same place when the hour long visit has concluded. Parents provide their own transportation or their social worker arranges it for them. During the visit the SVSup or SVSW is in the room with the family at all times and during the visitation we have a "teaching moment" where the SVSup or SVSW addresses specifically one of the issues that caused the child to come into care as it relates to the visit. Notes are prepared and given within seven days to the DSS-SW to verify the activities during the visit. Other programs CHCC provides include two group homes for abused and neglected children, Out Patient Therapy, limited adoption services and an educational component involving classes for parents. CHCC is accredited through the Council on Accreditation.

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