Tammie Watson

Areas Served:
South Carolina State wide services. Western North Carolina

Program Info:
Supervision and Monitoring Services are an opportunity for a non-custodial parent or family member to spend guality time with children when it has been determined that visits must be supervised. We offer a different kind of services. Not all sercemstancs are the same. With some families 2 hour visits in a single room is not a good fit. We offer 3 hour up to 72 hour visits with the non-custodial parent. We provide a safe visitation experience for the children so they can enjoy a worry free and no conflict free environment. All visits are non-directive unless the parent violates the pre-determined boundaries. Monitored exchanges provides a third party professional monitored transfer of a child from one parent to another. This service occurs immediately before and after an unsupervised visit. In addition to protecting the child from potential parental conflict this also protects the non-custodial parent from false allegations. Monitored phone/Skype visits can be monitored to ensure both children and parents are relaxed and enjoy their time together.

Easley, SC

864-419-6234 | tammieawatson@bellsouth.net