Susi Bryant

Areas Served:
No travel charges for visits in: North Seattle, Lake Forest Park, Shoreline, Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, Brier, Lynnwood and South Everett. Some areas of King and Snohomish Counties may involve travel charges.

Program Info:
Neutral Space Northwest: Supervised Visitation

What is supervised visitation?

Supervised visitation is an opportunity for *children to have a happy and safe visit with family members in a conflict-free atmosphere.

Who chooses supervised visitation?

Court ordered: the court may require a parent to be supervised when in the presence of their child. This is often temporary, such as when allegations have been made between parents.

Family requested: a visit, discussion or event may be supervised in order to:

protect the interests of *children

have criteria supported (court requirements, mediated agreement, topic avoidance)

have neutral notes taken to provide details of the visit

have a conflict-free atmosphere or plan in event of conflict

*Children, elderly or incapacitated person


Supervised visitation $45.00/hr

Exchanges $30.00 plus $.55 per mile

Intake $90.00 per file

An intake session is required before services start. The $90.00 fee will cover a one hour interview with the visiting party and a one hour interview with the child(ren) and custodial party.

What is my next step?

Contact me for an information packet and/or tell me about your situation.

Susi Bryant, M.A.

Text or call 206 779-5324

About me…

I am dedicated to children and families in our community and to providing services that support healthy interactions without sacrificing safety.


M.A. in Sociology from UW

Training in Mediation, Facilitation, Conciliation and Domestic Violence

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