Joining Hands Visitation

Areas Served:
Pacific & Grays Harbor Counties in the state of Washington via contract with WA ST DSHS or the greater Puget Sound Area for private supervised visitation

Program Info:
Joining Hands Visitation (JHV) is a child welfare agency dedicated to providing parent-child visitation (PCV) services to children in the foster care system of Washington state. Joining Hands is a licensed contractor of the Children's Administration of the Department of Social and Health (DSHS/CA) Services for Washington state. The main office of Joining Hands Visitation is located at 4317 6th Ave SE, Suite #204, Lacey WA 98503. The mission of Joining Hands Visitation (JHV) is to help reunite foster care children with their non-custodial parents and to provide support for their independence, building stronger family ties and better futures – one child at a time. We focus on building a strong support network with community organizations and social welfare agencies that empower foster care children and their families in becoming independent and self-sufficient. JHV is committed to providing culturally appropriate support for children and families of diverse backgrounds and nationalities. This focus is especially important given the over representation of children of color in the child welfare system. The Children’s Administration of the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS/CA) acknowledges that children of color and their families who become involved with child welfare systems often experience disparate treatment and may have fewer service opportunities than their white peers. To ensure a high standard of customer service is experienced by all JHV clients, we are requiring that all employees attend the caregiver core training sponsored by the Alliance for Children’s Welfare. It is our belief that a deep understanding of the issues that foster care children confront in their daily lives will enable our employees to deliver a more compassionate, more relevant, and reliable service to the children and families that we serve. With our commitment to exemplary customer service, our services are prioritized around the needs of the child or adolescent in foster care. It is our goal to maintain a standard of excellence within every interaction and activity of the agency. Our Core Beliefs: Safety of Children and Families: Our first priority is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of children and families. Respect: Our services are respectful to all family members no matter what their life situation, social-economic status, race, age, gender, ethnic origin, language, disability, sexual orientation, political and religious beliefs, or marital status. We will treat our families as we want to be treated. Compassion: Often the families we work with have a difficult life situation and we must understand that we all have difficult times in our lives and we will treat our families with understanding and compassion as we provide them with the services they need. Non-judgment: We will not be judgmental toward our families no matter what the circumstances they are faced with or how long they have struggled with issues that impact their family and their lives. We must remember that everyone is only a step away from having difficult life situations and family interactions including ourselves. Family Strengths: We will identify and work with the family’s strengths to facilitate a more enjoyable time spent with their children during visitation. Community: We will always strive to increase our families’ sense of community throughout our interactions with them. The larger their circle of comfort and support the more beneficial to their children the visit becomes. Quality of Care: We will do what it takes for each family to assist them in enjoying their visit time with their children in the hopes that the end result will be reunification of the family. Give Families a New Beginning: Our job is to give our families a new beginning during the visitation so they see can keep the bond that ties their family together. This often means giving complete and unconditional respect to all family members and accepting where they are now in their lives. Creating Our Lives: Everything we do in our lives is by choice. We as individuals choose how we create our lives, the results, the realities, and the experiences by our attitudes and the choices we make. The families we service are not their past or their behaviors. Each has a right to a new beginning and as an agency we choose to do the right thing by the families we service.

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