Family Center Inc.

Areas Served:
Wood County however we provide services to individuals who are out of county and out of state. The Family Center, Inc. is a dual agency (Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault) with many programs available.

Program Info:
Safe Shelter: Our primary responsibility is to provide safe shelter 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for people who are in crisis as a result of domestic violence. The shelter is a home-like environment in a secured building. It offers a safe "timeout" for all family members and gives an opportunity to regain strength and control. Advocacy: This service is open to residents, to walk-ins, and by appointment. Advocacy is available to men, women, and children who are dealing with current and/or past abusive experiences. As an inclusive organization, we offer services to LGBT clients and clients with limited English language skills. Self Help/Support groups: To help build self-esteem, improve coping skills, and to offer an opportunity to speak with others who have had similar experiences, we offer self-help and support groups for women and children. Legal Advocacy: This service is available during divorce or custody proceedings and in criminal cases related to domestic violence. Our Victim Services Coordinator helps individuals to understand the legal system, work with law enforcement, accompany victims to court hearings, and assist with filing restraining or harassment orders. Children/Youth Services: We offer individual and group support to children, ages 5-17, who have witnessed abuse, have been abused or sexually assaulted. Transitional Services: We provide clients with assistance in locating safe, affordable housing, as well as information regarding landlord-tenant law. We also help with setting personal goals, budgeting, coordinating services with other community agencies, and finding employment. Senior & Vulnerable Adults Services: Our Senior & Vulnerable Adult Advocate can offer support and prevention services that address the unique risk factors that could lead to domestic violence or sexual assault for senior or vulnerable adults. Hmong victim services: Victims of domestic abuse or sexual assault face very unique challenges. We understand that certain populations may face additional challenges because of culture, gender, or race. Our bilingual Hmong Services Coordinator and Hmong Youth Advocate are available to provide culturally sensitive services to Hmong adults and children who have been victimized by domestic violence or sexual assault. Sexual Assault Support Services: We help victims of sexual assault by offering medical and legal advocacy, support groups, and empowerment services. Visitation Services: Our Visitation Program is designed to offer families a safe and healthy environment to spend quality time together, which encourages positive child-parent relationships. Visitation Exchange: Provides safe exchange of children for visitation periods through a neutral third party. Supervised Visitation: Contact between one or more children and a parent is in the presence of a neutral third party. Pet Safety Program: People are not the only victims of domestic abuse. Anyone coming to us for safe shelter may bring pets. The Family Center, in collaboration with the South Wood County Humane Society, will arrange a loving foster home for the pet until the owner is ready to leave the shelter. Referrals: We can provide information about abuse and give referrals to other service agencies.

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