Personal Development Center, Inc. - Center For Family Visitation

Areas Served:
Northern Wood County, Clark County

Program Info:
Center for Family Visitation: Our supervised visitation and exchange program is a part of a collaborative community effort to provide victims of family violence and their children with safety and support to develop and sustain positive family interaction that reduces the negative impact of violence within families and our community Supervised Visitation: Provides a safe environment for non-custodial parents to visit and spend quality time with their children while under the supervision of staff members. Staff will ensure safety and appropriate behaviors are adhered to during visits without interfering with the parent child relationship. Supervised Exchange: Allows for custodial and non-custodial parents to exchange their children in a safe environment without ever having to see each other. This program allows for the children to enjoy their time with each parent without witnessing any conflict or threat of violence between their parents. Additional Resources: Referral to additional resources provided through Personal Development Center including; Adult Advocacy, Sexual Assault Advocacy, and Youth Advocacy programs are available for anyone that feels they may benefit from these services.

Marshfield, WI

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