Teresa's Place of the YWCA

Areas Served:
Pueblo County and other counties for which we are a midway point for parents.

Program Info:
Teresa’s Place provides a safe, secure, and culturally accessible place for parents to visit or exchange their children when domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, or stalking has occurred within the family. We believe everyone has the right to be safe. Our services and policies have been developed to reflect an understanding of domestic violence and to provide safety, first and foremost to adult victims of family violence and their children. Our professional staff believes everyone should be treated with respect and dignity and we value multiculturalism and diversity. Therefore, Teresa’s Place will tailor services to meet a family’s unique needs when it is safe and possible to do so. Teresa’s Place primarily accepts referrals from the courts; however, some self referrals maybe accepted on a case by case basis. Each parent must call Teresa’s Place to schedule an individual intake and orientation appointment. The intake is a time where parents meet Teresa’s Place staff, learn more about our services, and we get to discuss family needs. There are separate parking areas, arrival times and waiting rooms for each parent. Once a visit has begun or exchange has happened the custodial parent leaves the center. After the visit has taken place or the exchange is over, the custodial parent returns for the child(ren). A visit monitor is present for every exchange and visit and a security officer monitors the process either through equipment or personally seeing that a victim has left the premises. If the family is eligible for our services, you will be scheduled based on the availability of time, space, and staff.

Pueblo, CO

Megan McClure

719-545-1665 | megan@ywcapueblo.com

Lori Gaffney

719-545-1665 | lorri@ywcapueblo.com