McLeod Treatment Programs, Inc. - Visitation Exchange Center

Areas Served:
State of Minnesota

Program Info:
The mission of the VEC is to provide a safe, healthy, interactive environment for the facilitation of monitored parenting time and/or exchanges of children of families undergoing relationship dissolution and transition. * The VEC provides a safe, neutral environment for custodial and non-custodial parents to pick up and drop off children without the threat of abuse. * The VEC provides a monitored parenting time site for parent(s) who are court ordered to have supervised parenting time with their child(ren). * The VEC provides the parents an opportunity to attend a parenting class to aid in developing parenting skills. * The VEC is open to anyone in McLeod County and the surrounding areas needing the services whether or not they are court ordered.

Hutchinson, MN

Sue Devereaux

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Phyllis Cripps

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