Positive Connections

Areas Served:
Detroit Lakes area, including Becker County and surrounding communities.

Program Info:
Positive Connections Parenting Time Center serves children and their parents who have been involved in an unhealthy relationship or where conflict regarding parenting time has occurred. Services offered include: professional staff facilitated exchanges and supervised parenting time. All services take place in a violence and conflict free environment absent of bias or judgment. In an effort to provide an inviting environment for families, our visitation rooms were designed to replicate a comfortable, home-like setting featuring full kitchens, dining tables, sofas, stocked toy cabinets, outdoor activities, and a playground. In addition to parenting time and exchanges, PC also provides resources and referrals, as needed, as well as court and social services documentation when required.


Detroit Lakes, MN

Kayla Keena

218-847-7343 | kaylak@lakescrisis.com