Judith Swinney

Areas Served:
Portland, Oregon and surrounding area; Groups for high-conflict parents ( offered online and also in person (Portland)

Program Info:
I work with mothers and fathers, and provide a safe space for parents and children to connect in a positive way. Safety is the first priority, along with encouraging age-appropriate interaction with a focus on the children. I also work with families where children have not seen a parent in a long time, if ever, assisting both parents in the process of reunification. I have been successful in the re-integration of parents and children as young as seven months of age. I am physically present with parents and children, rather than observing folks through a glass window. I offer a calm, child-friendly environment (rather than a sterile office), with games, books, arts and crafts, puzzles, an Ikea kitchen, etc. (no electronics!) for children to enjoy with a parent. An intake appointment with each parent allows us to meet, discuss issues and concerns, and my policies (and ideally meet the children). Please call to discuss your particular situation.

Portland, OR

503-972-5683 |