Kate Lee

Areas Served:
Trained, qualified, and experienced in working with families and children that include high conflict family law issues (including but not limited to: mental health issues, false allegations, children and parents with special needs, domestic violence, child abuse, neglect, parental alienation, sexual abuse, and substance abuse) for supervised visitation, monitored visitation, and supervised exchange services. If court ordered or requested, I provide detailed and objective visitation reports and declarations to the court, GALs, attorneys, and therapists. It is my goal for the children involved in supervised visitation to feel safe and secure, and to have a pleasant conflict free experience during their visits. My office and visitation room is conveniently located in the One Pacific Building in Downtown Tacoma. The visitation room/play room offers a neutral location, a child friendly environment, and a structured setting for the visits to take place. The parties are kept physically and visually separated at all times. All court orders including no-contact orders are upheld. The office building is video monitored. On location/off site visits (also known as community visits) and home visits are reviewed on a case by case basis for clients that have court orders without location restrictions. Appointments and visiting hours are scheduled to fit the needs of my clients and court orders. I offer day, evening, holiday, and weekend visits. Please call or email me for more information and to schedule your intake appointment.

Program Info:
Kate Lee-Visitation Supervisor*** One Pacific Building*** 621 Pacific Avenue, Suite 301 Tacoma, WA 98402*** 253-224-6430***


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