Maribeth Christensen

Areas Served:
I am the program analyst for the Ministry of the Attorney General's Supervised Access Program in Ontario, Canada. I work with Judy Newman, who is my manager, and also a member of SVN. Visit and exchange services are provided in all 52 Court Districts across Ontario, with approximately 100 sites at any time. At some sites, telephone access and/or virtual visitation services are offered. Service providers are non-profit, community-based organizations that have been selected via a competitive process and are funded to deliver supervised access services by the Ministry. Many have been delivering these services since the program's inception in 1992 (as a pilot; full program status achieved in 1994).

Program Info: If you would like further information, please contact: Supervised Access Program Manager Ministry of the Attorney General 700 Bay Street, 3rd Floor Box 300 Toronto, Ontario M5G 1Z6 Tel: (416) 212-2028 / 1-877-661-9977 Fax: (416) 212-2032

Toronto, ON

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