Thye Hua Kwan Centre for Family Harmony @ Commonwealth

Areas Served:
Divorce Support Specialist Agency - helping parents who are contemplating for divorce, parents and children undergoing divorce, and parents and children who are affected by the post-divorce impact.

Program Info:
1) Mandatory Parenting Programme - The Mandatory Parenting Programme is a one-to-one consultation session for parents with minor children before they file for divorce. It is designed to encourage divorcing couples make informed decisions that prioritise the well-being of children. 2) Parenting PACT - Parenting PACT is a one-time consultation session for divorced parents with children who are 21 years old and below. The session aims to help parents: �understand the impact of divorce on their children �learn cooperative co-parenting strategies �practise self-care, and �get more information about the community support resources available. 3) Children In Between Programme for Parents and Children - The workshops under CiB cover topics for both parents and children: Practical Co-parenting skills; Positive ways to cope with their parents� divorce; Ways to reduce parental conflict; Exploring feelings and fears, myths and truths; Understanding the needs of their children in a divorce situation; Skills to share their feelings. 4) Casework and Counselling - During the counselling sessions, individuals and families come together in a safe and confidential platform where they can share experiences and offer mutual support to one another. 5) Supervised Visitation and Exchange Programme - The Supervised Exchange and Visitation Programme helps high conflict families manage difficulties over child access matters. It provides a safe platform for children who express strong reluctance and discomfort about meeting their access parent. Counsellors help by mitigating distrust and working on the complex family dynamics. 6) Support Programmes - Daddy's for Life and Art Jamming A support programme to help divorcing/divorced fathers learn from each other�s experiences, and build a strong relationship with their children 7) Psychological Services For parents and children who are affected by the divorce emotionally and psychologically. - depression - anxiety - adjustment issue - acute stress - trauma 8) Research


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